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Until recently, the Minister of Justice’s Guidelines for the Determination of Convention Refugee Status was an internal document, withheld from public scrutiny and review. Gong-gam successfully obtained a Supreme Court decision ordering public disclosure of the Guidelines.
First-time recognition of a Chinese asylum seeker as a Convention refugee
Obtaining damages against the Korean Federation of Small and Medium Businesses for failing to provide industrial training to migrants despite accepting their fees
Gong-gam’s commitment to education and training extends to refugee and migrant issues. Recent events include regional workshops in Seoul, Daejeon, Daegu and Gwangju for activists advocating rights for migrant workers
In association with Minbyun (Lawyers for a Democratic Society), Gong-gam conducts research and takes part in various projects to protect the rights of migrants and improve their quality of life.
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Notes on the investigation of migrant worker conditions in agro-livestock industry
공감지기 2013.11.18 5365
A Refugee Applicant's Lawsuit Seeking to Cancel the Deportation Order : The Seoul Administration Court Rules in Favor of the Plaintiff
공감지기 2013.10.16 5497
NGO actions regarding the Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination 2012 Consideration on the Republic of Korea
Gong-gam 2012.09.18 5792
[Immigration] Rulings of the Lawsuit for the Revocation of “Stay of Sojourn Cancellation and Disapproval of Extension of Stay” of MTU President
Gong-gam 2012.05.03 5231
[Refugee] The progression of the “flashmob performed together with refugees”
Gong-gam 2011.08.08 8076
[Immigration] Is refusing to work because of not being fed properly worthy of g
Gong-gam 2011.08.08 5231
[Immigration] The ruling accepting the request for the suspension of the exit or
Gong-gam 2011.04.22 5213
[Immigration] A lawsuit seeking retirement allowances for migrant workers
Gong-gam 2011.03.30 5217
[Refugee] High court Ruled against lower court’s disapproval on Burmese refugees
Gong-gam 2010.12.30 5222
[Immigration] Apiwat is a migrant worker
opmanager 2010.09.29 5229
The draft bill addressing the determination and treatment of refugees and others
Gong-gam 2009.07.30 7850
The Civic Movement to Protect the Rights of Immigrant Children
Gong-gam 2009.07.30 5521
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